Paper Sessions FAQ

1. When will conference registration begin?

To register go to:

Detailed information about fees is available at

2. How long will one session last?

The time allotted for each session is 60 minutes. All presentations, panels, workshops, Q&A time, and planned discussion will fit within this time

3. How long will my presentation last?

The length of a specific presentation, together with Q&A time, is set by the convenor in agreement with the participants of the given session. A session consisting of individual presentations typically involves 3-5 speakers

4. When should participants submit session materials?

  • Flatscreen presentations will be collected 9 May – 3 June 2016.
  • Fulldome pre-rendered presentations will be collected 6 April – 29 April 2016 (updated!).
  • Fulldome live show presentations will be collected 6 April – 29 April 2016 (updated!).

5. What formats are accepted?

All presentation files submitted should be named starting with the presentation number (the presentation number can be found in mails send by organizers [id: xxx]), e.g. 210_mypresentation.pptx or 210_myfulldome.png. In email correspondence, please use the session number and presentation number.

Flatscreen: We suggest materials in 16:9 format, rather than 4:3. We accept materials in PowerPoint (i.e. PPT, PPTX), Prezi or PDF formats. We also accept images and films. Each presentation should be a coherent whole, rather than a collection of files gathered in a folder. Please supply presentations to the conference organizers (not the convenor).
In addition to other formats, we suggest that each participant should also supply a version of the presentation in PDF format, or of at a least part that explains the topic addressed.Instructions for how to submit presentations will be sent to presenters in the first half of April 2016.

Special requests will be considered on an individual basis.

Fulldome sessions

Fulldome pre-rendered: Materials to be presented in fulldome format should be supplied in frame format: PNG or BMP files. Other details and contact information for companies and institutions that prepare such materials was sent to presenters in the first half of April 2016.

Fulldome live show: Instructions for how to submit content for fulldome live show presentations was sent to presenters in the first half of April 2016.






Digital Sky 2

Evans & Sutherland

Carl Zeiss
Konica Minolta

If you present in PROXIMA or SIRIUS dome and need to contact representative please write to (Parallel sessions) or  (Sponsors Sessions).

If you present in SUN dome or do have Flatscreen presentation please follow instructions to transfer presentation data:

a) for data larger then 4Gb

  1. hard drives (HDD or SSD), returned at the conference
  • there are no port preferences
  • Labeled with: name surname, return address, e-mail, phone number
  1. DVD or other discs, not returned
mail address:
Copernicus Science Centre
Katarzyna Szlachta
Copernicus Science Centre
Wybrzeze Kosciuszkowskie 20
00-390 Warszawa

b) for data between 10Mb and 4Gb

  1. uploaded by speaker via at his storage (e.g.,, GoogleDrive, etc.)
  2. uploaded by to organizers via FTP – details on request, contact: (Parallel sessions) or (Sponsors Sessions)

c) for data up to 10Mb 

  1. uploaded by speaker via at his storage (e.g.,, GoogleDrive, etc.)
  2. sent via e-mail to (Parallel sessions) or (Sponsors Sessions)

6. How many participants are the workshops designed for? 

Typically 25 people. The exact number will be set by the convenor, depending on the nature of the workshop and the equipment configuration in the assigned room.

7. What format should posters be submitted in? 

Vertical posters, B1 format (70.7 x 100.0 cm). Participants should print their own poster. For any other format, please consult the convenor for the poster session (59. Posters A & 59. Posters B ). 

8. What hardware will be available in the room? 

We standardly provide:

  • multimedia projector
  • microphone
  • remote for changing slides
  • flipchart
  • internet access

Individual requirements concerning presentation devices, room arrangement, tables and chairs, and consumable materials (e.g. pens, sheets of paper, etc.) must be submitted by 15 April 2016.

9. Where and when is my session? 

The preliminary conference program will is already available.
Session dates and times may change in the final program which will appear on the website till end of May 2016.
Speakers and convenors were informed in mid-April about the final date and time of their session.

10. How can I find the right room? 

Each participant will receive a small map of the Copernicus Science Centre, showing the location of all rooms and domes. A map will also be available on the conference website

11. What role does the convenor play? 

The convenor chairs the given session, and he or she has the final say as to how the session proceeds: whether it is a panel, a presentation session, or workshop. The convenor will draw up and provide the organizers with a final description of the session. He or she will open the session by introducing the topic, moderate it as it proceeds, and close it with a brief summary. Together with the organizers, the convenor is encouraged to communicate with the session participants in order to ensure a successful session. Moreover, after IPS 2016 the convenor will have the task of drawing up a summary of workshop and panel sessions, to be published in the conference proceedings

12. What should a session description contain? 

A session description should concisely outline the topic that will be addressed during the presentations, workshop, or panel. The objective of a session may be, for instance, to present solutions that are in use, to look for answers to a given question, to work through exercises and share knowledge. Descriptions of around 500–1200 characters (including spaces) will be accepted

13. Conference proceedings 

The conference will be summed up in the IPS2016 Proceedings. Contributions will provide an extensive description of the presentations, fulldome presentations, posters, panel sessions and workshops. Please send proceedings materials to with your presentation ID and session number as a reference. Thank you!

Please note deadlines for submitting post-conference materials

 Presentation type



 Flatscreen presentation

15 June 2016


 Fulldome presentation

15 June 2016


 Poster presentation

15 June 2016


 Summary of panel session

8 July 2016


 Summary of workshop session

8 July 2016



We suggest including an extensive description of the content/topic presented, consisting of

  • 2 up to 3 paragraphs of text description, or around 1800-5000 characters long (including spaces),

although it may be longer if necessary.

The text may cover:

  • topic objective
  • how does it stand out / why it is important?
  • what was considered/investigated/tested/checked?
  • how it was received by the audience/community?
  • where is it presented?
  • 1/2/4 graphics which will help to sum up the content
  • on-line links


Materials will be accepted in the following formats:

  • Unformatted text, exclusively in TXT format, with guidelines for division into titles, sections, etc. (The IPS2016 Organizers will format the materials according to the design chosen for the publication).
  • Graphics as TIFF or JPG files, scale 1:1, resolution 150 DPI

Summaries of workshop and panel sessions are to be drawn up by the session convenors within two weeks after IPS2016.


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