An interesting program touching relevant problems is essential for a successful conference. We hope IPS 2016 will offer an opportunity not only to take a look at the latest technological advances and network with colleagues, but also to engage in very substantive discussions. Our dream is to initiate a kind of momentum that will ensure IPS's dynamic development, bringing tangible benefits to the whole community.

NB: The organizers of the Conference reserve the right to make changes to the program.



The theme "Revolve" is intimately related to the name of Nicolaus Copernicus, but we didn’t choose this slogan just because Copernicus was from Poland and his name figures in the name of our planetarium. In fact the choice reflects much more: boldness of thought, a bold perception of the world around us, an ability to look at the world from a different perspective. This is the idea we want to bring to life by organizing the conference in Warsaw.

We want IPS 2016 to:

REVOLVE your way of thinking – during the conference we want to look at well-known issues from different points of view, overstep certain limits, leaving behind our “comfort zone” and perhaps even transcending and revolutionizing our preconceived notions

SOLVE your problems in your day-to-day work – we want to draw together ideas for problem-solving and rising to new challenges, and to find ways to be the best in today’s demanding world

EVOLVE based on your needs and interests – we want to know what interests you, so that together we can come up with the right programme topics, formats, and arrangements to ensure that everyone finds what they are looking for and takes new knowledge and ideas back home with them

INVOLVE you in every stage of the preparations and during the conference as a whole – please get involved in the discussion and share your knowledge and experience, your interests and dreams

We encourage you to join the Heavens of Copernicus planetarium and the Copernicus Science Centre team in creating an unforgettable conference. Let’s build IPS 2016 together!


As you will recall, right after the end of IPS2014 we launched a questionnaire-based survey among planetarium representatives.
We wanted to get to know the specifics of how you work and what expectations you have with respect to the conference. Before presenting the results, we would like to take the opportunity to thank all of those who shared their opinions with us.
They are serving us as a foundation to build the conference programme, and they have turned out to be a real treasure-trove of ideas for how to make the conference more attractive. Have a look for yourself!

IPS2016 program survey summary.pdf

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