Date 25-26 JUNE 2016
Start 06:00 AM in WARSAW
End afternoon in GDAŃSK
Per person in double room $ 499.-

Program details:
Day 1 07:00 AM WARSAW - TORUŃ
  • Ride by coach to Toruń (220 km)
  • Check in at the 3* hotel, time for refreshment
  • Planetarium – special programme, the Copernicus house and the Old Town
  • Lunch
  • Time at leisure and shopping opportunity
  • Dinner at the restaurant
  • Overnight in a double room
  • Early breakfast, coach ride to FROMBORK ( 230 km)
  • Visiting Nicolai Copernicus Museum
  • Lunch
  • Planetarium and private Copernicus apartments in the Observation Tower, Cathedral with Copernicus tomb etc.
  • Gdansk (100 km)
  • Late afternoon walking tour of the Old Town in Gdansk
  • Coach tour to Sopot and Gdynia
  • End of tour in Sopot / Gdansk (late afternoon)

  • Return to Warsaw by Intercity train, overnight in Warsaw
  • Transfer to GDAŃSK airport for departure
  • Additional overnight in GDAŃSK / SOPOT / GDYNIA

The birthplace of the famous astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus. The city is renowned for its medieval architecture. The old town of Torun, picturesquely situated on the banks of the River Vistula, retains its medieval street plan with the Old Market Square – heart of Torun historic district, Town Hall, Church of the Virgin Mary and ruins of the Castle of the Teutonic Knights. There is also the Crooked Tower – one of Torun’s greatest attractions, a part of the town’s old fortifications system. The city was included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List.


Frombork, called the Jewel of Warmia, and Copernicus Town is the place where the great Polish scientist spent 33 years of his life. It was here that he wrote his work "On the Revolutions of Celestial Spheres" almost five centuries ago! He walked these streets and watched for stars in the sky. In this city also he died and was buried in the cathedral. When Swedish researchers have confirmed that the remains found in the Cathedral at the end of 2005 year, belong to Nicolaus Copernicus, all eyes have been on the town. Ceremonial burial of the remains of the astronomer was held on 22 May 2010 in the Frombork cathedral.
The year 2010 was a special year in the history of Copernicus Town because Frombork celebrated the 700th anniversary of civic rights. It was a year of anniversaries: the 750th anniversary of Warmia Chapter and the 500th anniversary of the arrival Nicolaus Copernicus to Frombork.
There are many worth seeing architectural venues located on the Frombork Hill:
  • Medieval, gothic cathedral - Cathedral Basilica, the oldest building Frombork Hill.
  • The former bishop's palace (now the Museum of Nicolaus Copernicus)
  • Radziejowski bell tower called Tower - the highest building of the Cathedral Hill, in the basement housed a planetarium. Equipped with a Carl Zeiss apparatus displays on the dome with a diameter of 8 m images of the sky visible from any location on Earth, time of day and year. Noteworthy is also unique Foucault pendulum eye used to determine the nature of the Earth's rotation. At an altitude of 70 meters above sea level it has an observation deck from which you can admire the panorama of Frombork and surrounding areas.
  • Tower of Copernicus, the oldest part of the fortifications of the Cathedral Hill. The tower was owned by Nicolaus Copernicus in the years 1504-1543.

The capital city of Pomerania, combines the cosmopolitan atmosphere of a port city with the dignity of a cultural centre with centuries-long tradition. It is considered to be the most monument-packed city of the "Baltic Europe". Magnificent buildings, monumental Main Town Hall, the nearby Market Square with the symbol of GDAŃSK - Neptune fountain are pearls of the city.

Elegant SOPOT, a town nearby, the genuine seaside health resort centre, and city of GDYNIA – a young port city with long promenades, beautiful waterfronts, marinas and yacht clubs are great assets of this tour. Gdynia is the only city in Poland, and one of the few in Europe, to pride itself on such a long and accessible seashore.
GDAŃSK, SOPOT and GDYNIA together they form a “tripolis” – common urban agglomeration connected by the city transportation system network.

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